South Island Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2007 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Adam La Salle Gore High School
Maddie Laffey Burnside High School
William Laikong Shirley Boys High School
Kate Lambert Nelson College For Girls
Deborah Lambie Columba College
Kate Langston Opihi College
Zeb Laqekoro Bayfield High School
Vincent Lasei Linwood College
Chloe Lassman Columba College
Tom Latham Christchurch Boys High School
Tom Latta Otago Boys High School
Tim Lawrence Otago Boys High School
Jayden Laws Dunstan High School
Ryan Lee Burnside High School
Stephanie Lee Columba College
Gabby Leigh Christchurch Girls High School
Michael Lemalie Christ's College
William Lentjes Christchurch Boys High School
Jeff Lepa Linwood College
Daniel Lestoviska Otago Boys High School
Cameron Letham St Andrew's College
Eva Leunissen Otago Girls High School
Ian Levett Christ's College
Christina Lilley Otago Girls High School
Scott Lilley Allenvale School
Jess Lindsay Timaru Girls' High School
Victoria Lindsay Southland Girls' High School
Hannah Linton Craighead Diocesan School
Esther Liong St Andrew's College
Danielle Lippitt Cashmere High School
Ricky Litisone Christchurch Boys High School
Tessa Livingston Blue Mountain College
Daniel Lord Timaru Boys' High School
Robert Lord Timaru Boys' High School
Bailey Lovett James Hargest High School
Bridget Lumsden Mt Hutt College
Molly Lyons Villa Maria College