South Island Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2003 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Louisa Haahma Marlborough Girls College
Louisa Haakma Marlborough Girls College
Karl Haase Christchurch Boys High Sc
M Hair Kaikorai Valley College
A Hall Ashburton College
J Hall James Hargest High School
M Hall James Hargest High School
Marshall Hall James Hargest High School
N Hall Waitaki Girls' High Schoo
Sam Hall Burnside High School
Stehpanie Hall Central Southland College
H Hamilton Central Southland College
James Hamilton Hillmorton High School
Michelle Hamilton Mt Anglem College
T Hamilton Central Southland College
R Hammer Otago Boys High School
Olivia Hampton Mt Hutt College
Michael Hancock Christchurch Boys High Sc
Josh Hancox Rangiora High School
J Hand Timaru Boys' High School
L Handy Craighead Diocesan School
H Hannah Ashburton College
Hayden Hannah Ashburton College
Oliver Hansby Marlborough Boys College
Sam Hansby Marlborough Boys College
Michael Hansen St Kevin's College
Michael Hansen Roncalli College
BEAU HAPE Ellesmere College
Ashleigh Harding Burnside High School
PHILIP HARKERSS Ellesmere College
Amy Harris Christchurch Girls High S
Matt Harris Shirley Boys High School
Richard Harris John McGlashan College
C Harrison St Kevin's College
Jacob Harrison Burnside High School
Jess Harrison Burnside High School
Josh Harrison Marlborough Boys College
Rachel Harrison Middleton Grange
Alice Harrocks Nayland College
Selah Hart Marlborough Girls College
Chris Harte Nayland College
Daniel Hartnett James Hargest High School
Anna Harvey The Taieri High School
J Harwood Northern Southland Colleg
Jeremy Harwood Northern Southland Colleg
Kelly Harwood Tokimairiro High School
PAPU HASSAN Shirley Boys High School
Emma Hau Villa Maria College
Danielle Haughen Otago Girls High School
R Haumu Waimate High School
Sophie Hawes Burnside High School
Kirsty Hay Motueka High School
Glen Haycock Waimea College
Garrad Hayden St Kevin's College
Jared Haydon-Gliddon Ellesmere College
M Heads Menzies College
Gina Healey St Kevin's College
Erin Heasley Mt Hutt College
Petra Heather Temuka High School
Christa Heggarty Avonside Girls High Schoo
N Hely Kaikorai Valley College
K Hema-Taylor Twizel Area School
V Henderson Mt Hutt College
Vicky Henderson Mt Hutt College
Kim Hendrie Burnside High School
Bryce Henley Hagley Community College
Kodi Hepi Shirley Boys High School
Dianne Herron Gore High School
Alison Hetherington Timaru Girls' High School
Nick Hewlet Menzies College
R Hewson Ashburton College
Rowan Hewson Timaru Boys' High School
LEON HEXTALL Shirley Boys High School
J Hickley Geraldine High School
N Higgins Geraldine High School
D Hill St Kevin's College
Cedric Hiller Marlborough Boys College
James Hindle Otago Boys High School
Jessie Hindson Christchurch Girls High S
SAM HINDSON Christchurch Boys High Sc
Peter Hippolite Nelson College
Emma Hislop Otago Girls High School
R Hobbs Geraldine High School
Ben Hoetjes Christchurch Boys High Sc
L Hogg Timaru Girls' High School
Nick Hohepa Shirley Boys High School
Mike Hohipuha Linwood College
Becky Holland Rangiora High School
Chris Hollands Gore High School
G Hollick Bayfield High School
Greg Hollick Bayfield High School
M Holman John McGlashan College
Michael Holman John McGlashan College
Zane Honey Nayland College
Ashley Hooper Rangi Ruru Girls School
Nikki Hooper Rangi Ruru Girls School
Abbey Hope GBHS
Abby Hope Golden Bay High School
Courtney Hore Christchurch Girls High S
K Horgan Southland Girls High Scho
Kate Horgan Southland Girls High Scho
Tonelle Horner Otago Girls High School
Amy Horrell Lincoln High School
Andrew Horrell Christchurch Boys High Sc
Tara Horsnell Burnside High School
Ben Horton Cheviot Area School
Chloe Hoskins GBHS
Jerram Houston Otago Boys High School
Greg Howard St Kevin's College
H Howley James Hargest High School
Chien whan Huang Logan Park High School
Chris Hubac Kings High School
JESSE HUGHES Shirley Boys High School
Paul Hughes Kings High School
A Huisman Southland Girls High Scho
F Hunt Timaru Boys' High School
Matthew Hunt Christchurch Boys High Sc
CAMERON HUNTER Christchurch Boys High Sc
Kole-ena Hunter Karamea Area School
MICHAEL HUNTER Lincoln High School
Michael Hunter Ellesmere College
TIM HUNTER Christchurch Boys High Sc
M Hurley Ashburton College
H Hurring Mackenzie College
Halie Hurring Mackenzie College
Tinneke Hurst Ashburton College
Hanan Huston John McGlashan College
Haran Huston John McGlashan College
Jerram Huston Otago Boys High School
Jerrum Huston John McGlashan College
Amy Hutching Villa Maria College
Luke Hutchings Christchurch Boys High Sc
Clare Hutchinson Christchurch Girls High S
Sara Hutchison Buller High School
Daniel Hyatt Nelson College
Jesse Hylkeme Waimea College
B Hyslop Ashburton College