South Island Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2003 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Zar Fa'ave Garin College
Zariana Fa'ave St Andrew's College
Tusi Faasootau Burnside High School
B Fahey Ashburton College
GEORGE FAIRHURST Christchurch Boys High Sc
Josh Falanisi Ashburton College
Jeremy Falconer Marlborough Boys College
Maree Falconer Blue Mountain College
Matthew Falloon Lincoln High School
H Falvey Mountainview High School
Hannah Falvey Mountainview High School
D Farrelly John Paul II High School
Danica Farrelly John Paul II High School
Billie Farrow Rangi Ruru Girls School
M Fattorini Geraldine High School
Megan Fattorini Geraldine High School
Daniel Fawkes Waitaki Boys' High School
Jacqui Fechy Rangi Ruru Girls School
Lucia Fenwick Rangi Ruru Girls School
Jamie Ferguson Riccarton High School
Kirsten Ferguson Blue Mountain College
Scott Ferguson Southland Boys High Schoo
Lorraine Ferreira Ashburton College
M Fetu Roncalli College
Daniel Fidow Shirley Boys High School
K Finn Otago Girls High School
Katrinna Finn Otago Girls High School
Nikita Fitzgerald Lawrence Area School
Karl Fitzpatrick Marlborough Boys College
Scott Fitzpatrick Kings High School
Blair Flaus Christchurch Boys High Sc
Kirsty Flaus Southland Girls High Scho
EMOISE FLAVELL Shirley Boys High School
Kieran Fletcher Waimea College
Penny Fletcher Marlborough Girls College
Sophie Flett Tokimairiro High School
Brylee Flutey Rangi Ruru Girls School
Laumata Fogalele Linwood College
Kerry Foote Linwood College
Kirri Foote Hagley Community College
Angela Ford Kavanagh College
Lee Forman St Bede's College
MATTHEW FORMAN St Bede's College
Raymond Forrester Nelson College
Jason Fowler Geraldine High School
Kieran Fowler Geraldine High School
Luke Fowler Geraldine High School
Tiffany Fox Nelson College For Girls
Aimee Francois Motueka High School
Amy Francois Motueka High School
Timothy Franklin Christchurch Boys High Sc
Elyse Fraser Kavanagh College
Libby Fraser Rangiora High School
S Fraser Central Southland College
Harriet French Middleton Grange
J Frew Ashburton College
Jemma Frew Ashburton College
Chris Fuller Shirley Boys High School
Robyn Fulton Mairehau High School