South Island Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2003 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Simon Cade Southland Boys High Schoo
Cory Cadogan Waitaki Boys' High School
Kate Calder Cashmere High School
Kate Calder St Andrew's College
Brad Caldwell Waitaki Boys' High School
Mandy Caldwell Rangi Ruru Girls School
Miranda Caldwell Rangi Ruru Girls School
Henry Callaghan Waitaki Boys' High School
Andrew Callender Otago Boys High School
Ashlee Cambpell-Boyce Blue Mountain College
B Cameron Geraldine High School
Beth Cameron Geraldine High School
K Cameron Otago Girls High School
Kirsty Cameron Otago Girls High School
Rose Cameron Geraldine High School
Sophie Cameron St Andrew's College
Louise Campbell Burnside High School
Ricky Campbell Kings High School
SIMON CAMPBELL St Bede's College
Ashley Campbell-Boyce Blue Mountain College
Ryan Candlish Lincoln High School
Lesley Cantwell Fiordland College
Annabelle Carey Burnside High School
Tony Carlot Hornby High School
Chelsea Carmichael South Otago High School
RYAN CARR Rangiora High School
GUY CARTWRIGHT Christ's College
Paul Casey Ashburton College
E Cassidy Pleasant Point High Schoo
Karen Chalmers The Taieri High School
Beth Chaney Avonside Girls High Schoo
Diana Chaney Avonside Girls High Schoo
TAWADA CHANZA Hornby High School
C Chapman Craighead Diocesan School
Courtney Chapman Craighead Diocesan School
Jess Chapman St Margaret's College
Tawada Chaza Hornby High School
Jason Chee Middleton Grange
Adrian Choie Otago Boys High School
Aleisha Christie James Hargest High School
H Christie James Hargest High School
Emma Christieson Nayland College
M Christmas James Hargest High School
Michael Christmas James Hargest High School
Shaun Christophers Riccarton High School
K Chudleigh Geraldine High School
Kim Chudleigh Geraldine High School
Kylie Clague Blue Mountain College
D Clark St Kevin's College
Daniel Clark St Kevin's College
Jackie Clark Logan Park High School
Josh Clark Kings High School
Tom Clark Kavanagh College
Jackie Clarke Logan Park High School
Renee Clarke Nayland College
T Clarke Mackenzie College
Tipene Clarke Timaru Boys' High School
Elise Clarkson Burnside High School
Julia Clarkson Rangi Ruru Girls School
Kyle Clearwater Southland Boys High Schoo
R Clemens Pleasant Point High Schoo
Sam Clifford Linwood College
Jesse Clinton Cashmere High School
A Cloake Timaru Girls' High School
Emily Close Rangi Ruru Girls School
Matt Clough Hagley Community College
P Clunies-Ross Ashburton College
Anita Clyde Burnside High School
Christa Clyde Burnside High School
Annabelle Coates Burnside High School
Natalie Cobby Otago Girls High School
J Cochrane Ashburton College
James Cochrane Ashburton College
A Cockery Menzies College
Anthony Cockery Central Southland College
K Coeoran Catlins Area School
Tamara Coffin Mt Anglem College
K Coghlan St Peter's College (Gore)
Sarah Coghlan Burnside High School
Mark Coleman Shirley Boys High School
J Collingwood Timaru Boys' High School
Chad Collins Menzies College
J Collins Buller High School
J Condon Westland High School
John Condon Westland High School
RUBEN CONNELLY St Bede's College
Ben Cook Timaru Boys' High School
Jody Cook Motueka High School
Michael Coom Christchurch Boys High Sc
Alana Coombe Bayfield High School
Justine Cooper Middleton Grange
Victoria Cooper St Kevin's College
Sarah Corbin Blue Mountain College
Keiran Corcoran Otago Boys High School
Robert Corcoran Rangiora High School
Ben Cordy St Andrew's College
SAM CORDY St Andrew's College
S Cormack St Peter's College (Gore)
DANIEL CORRY Ellesmere College
Lindon Corry Bayfield High School
Emma Cottle Lincoln High School
JARED COURT St Bede's College
Chad Cowie Otago Boys High School
J Cox Ashburton College
Julie Cox Ashburton College
K Craig Timaru Boys' High School
Whitney Craig Avonside Girls High Schoo
Cody Craighead Otago Boys High School
Dylan Crawford Nelson College
Matt Crawford GBHS
Nick Crawford Nelson College
Scott Cretney Marlborough Boys College
Chris Crichton St Bede's College
Eric Crocher Tapawera Area School
Ruth Croft Rangi Ruru Girls School
Sarah Croft James Hargest High School
R Crone Mackenzie College
Naomi Crooks James Hargest High School
JARED CROPPER Christchurch Boys High Sc
Jordon Cross Inangahua College
Ryan Crotty Shirley Boys High School
S Crowther Pleasant Point High Schoo
Sam Crozier Shirley Boys High School
Melissa Culbertson Fiordland College
Sapphira Culleton Waimea College
Samantha Cummings St Kevin's College
Amber Cunningham Villa Maria College
R Cunningham Kings High School
Olivia Cunnington Cashmere High School
Braden Currie Mt Hutt College
Kirsty Currie Kavanagh College
Natalie Currie Logan Park High School
Gemma Curry Christchurch Girls High S
N Curtis Craighead Diocesan School