Otago Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2009 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Dylan Waghorn Kings High School
Jema Wall South Otago High School
brittany wallis St Kevin's College
Erica Ward South Otago High School
Megan Ward-Hartstonge Taieri College
Abby Washington Dunstan High School
Josh Wassell Kavanagh College
Kate Waterman Columba College
Nathan Waters Bayfield High School
sian waters St Kevin's College
Caley Watson Logan Park High School
fiona watson St Kevin's College
James Watson Otago Boys High School
Sam Watson Otago Boys High School
Siobhan Watson Columba College
Micheala Watt Logan Park High School
Aleisha Weegenaar Otago Girls High School
Ashley Weir Otago Boys High School
karla weller St Kevin's College
Ashleigh White Blue Mountain College
Ricky White Sara Cohen School
Stacey Whitu Roxburgh Area School
Andrew Whyte South Otago High School
Carlin Wilkinson Kings High School
Hannah Williams Otago Girls High School
Sophie Williamson Dunstan High School
Meredith Wills Bayfield High School
Ashley Wilson Dunstan High School
Bradon Wilson South Otago High School
Ginny Wilson St Hilda's Collegiate
Lauren Wilson Queens High School
Olivia Wilson Columba College
Reggie Wilson Taieri College
Todd Wilson Bayfield High School
True Wilson Bayfield High School
Tahnae Wilson Brown Dunstan High School
Abby Wolfe Logan Park High School
Rachael Woodhead St Hilda's Collegiate
George Woodhouse Kavanagh College
Guy Woodhouse Kavanagh College
Alexis Woodrow Catlins Area School
Kevin Wu Kavanagh College