Otago Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2009 (select another)

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Athlete Team
harrison maaka St Kevin's College
olivia Macaulay St Kevin's College
Angus MacKay Tokomairiro High School
Laura MacKay St Hilda's Collegiate
Dylan Mackenzie Blue Mountain College
Haley Mackie South Otago High School
Anthony Mackintosh Kings High School
Michael Macrae Kings High School
Royce Madigan Kings High School
Leni Maiai John McGlashan
Bede Mann-O'Malley Otago Boys High School
Marnie Mannering Cromwell College
megan manson St Kevin's College
Va'a Manulea Kings High School
Josie Mariu Blue Mountain College
Shaun Markham Kings High School
Caterine Marnane Cromwell College
David Martin Tokomairiro High School
Kim Martyn Columba College
Nicole Martyn Columba College
Sara Matchett East Otago High School
Zoe Matchett East Otago High School
Dylan Matheison Tokomairiro High School
nadia maxwell St Kevin's College
Daniele May Tokomairiro High School
Blake McAlevey-Scurr Logan Park High School
Zoe McBride Kavanagh College
Natalia McCall Blue Mountain College
Stacey McCaw East Otago High School
brodie McClelland St Kevin's College
Alex McCorkindale Taieri College
Michael McCormack Kings High School
Kayla McDonald Dunstan High School
hannah McErlane St Kevin's College
Anna McFarlane Columba College
Emily McGimpsey Blue Mountain College
Roddy McGinnis Kavanagh College
Adam McIntyre Blue Mountain College
Jarod McKean East Otago High School
Marcus McKean East Otago High School
Daniel McKechnie Taieri College
Alex McKenzie Columba College
Jamie McKenzie John McGlashan
rory McKenzie St Kevin's College
Sarah McKenzie Otago Girls High School
Sarah McLaren St Hilda's Collegiate
Shannen McLaren Queens High School
Reuben McLay Catlins Area School
Bryn McLeod-Jones Otago Boys High School
rory McNamara St Kevin's College
Breanna McNeill Mount Aspiring College
Cameron McNoe Kaikorai Valley College
genevieve mellor St Kevin's College
David Mens Otago Boys High School
Avana Miller Blue Mountain College
Marc Minnaar Kings High School
Margot Misskimmin Otago Girls High School
jackson mitchell St Kevin's College
Logan Moore Blue Mountain College
tom morgan St Kevin's College
Jeremy Morris John McGlashan
Sarah Morrison South Otago High School
Sam Mosley South Otago High School
Chris Motion Otago Boys High School
Robbie Motion Otago Boys High School
Jesse Muir Kings High School
Katie Mullholland Taieri College
Liam Mulvihill Dunstan High School
Thomas Mulvihill Dunstan High School
keegan murphy St Kevin's College
Michael Murphy Roxburgh Area School
Todd Murray Blue Mountain College
Fran Myers Baird Otago Girls High School