Otago Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2009 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Henry Hailes Otago Boys High School
Patrick Hamer Otago Boys High School
sam hand St Kevin's College
sean hand St Kevin's College
georgia hansen St Kevin's College
Scott Hansen Blue Mountain College
Andrew Harper Kings High School
Annabelle Harray Otago Girls High School
Bryony Harrison South Otago High School
Mitchell Harrison Otago Boys High School
Louise Harvey St Hilda's Collegiate
Mackenzie Haugh Kings High School
esafe havea St Kevin's College
Olivia Hay St Hilda's Collegiate
Devon Helm Bayfield High School
Tyler Helm Otago Boys High School
Patrick Henderson Kings High School
Rebecca Henderson Otago Girls High School
Tessa Henderson Kavanagh College
rachel heslin St Kevin's College
Tom Hewson Mount Aspiring College
Olivia Hickman St Hilda's Collegiate
Matheson Hill Kings High School
Meghan Hill Otago Girls High School
Natalie Hill St Hilda's Collegiate
Dylan Hills Kaikorai Valley College
amy holland St Kevin's College
Sam Hollows South Otago High School
Damian Holman Kings High School
Charlotte Homan Kavanagh College
tessa hopkinson St Kevin's College
stacey hore St Kevin's College
Alynn Howard East Otago High School
Quinten Hughes John McGlashan
Nathan Hull John McGlashan
Sheree Hume St Hilda's Collegiate
Josiah Hutchison Blue Mountain College
Hugo Hyndman John McGlashan