Otago Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2007 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Matt Faddes South Otago
Jacquita Farquahar KAVANAGH
Aaron Farrell Bayfield
Jackie Faulks St Kevin's College
Selema Ferris Otago Girls High School
Taylor Fiddes Taieri College
Salesi Fifita Otago Boys
Kimberley Filiga St Kevin's College
Hamish Finnie John McGlashan
Eroni Fitiao Kaikorai Valley
Jaron Fitiao Kaikorai Valley
Shem Fitiao Kaikorai Valley
David Fitzgerald KAVANAGH
Nikita Fitzgerald St Hilda's
Anthony FitzPatrick St Kevin's College
Larnee Flannery St Kevin's College
Toby Flett Otago Boys
Hayden Fleury Kings High School
Renaye Flockton Taieri College
Summer Forgie St Kevin's College
Dan Fowler Kings High School
Mairead Fox St Kevin's College
Oriagh Fox St Kevin's College
Nicola Fulerton South Otago
Emily Fulton St Hilda's
Jonelle Fulton Dunstan