New Zealand Secondary Schools' Cross Country 2017 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Lucas Daish Wakatipu High School
Rebecca Dalphin Logan Park High School
Ben Dalton Westlake Boys High School
Cody Dalton Auckland Grammar School
Emily Dalton Marlborough Girls College
Louise Daly Marian College
Nic Daniels St Andrew's College
Jude Darby Westlake Boys High School
Lucy Davidson St Margaret's College
Michael Davies Papanui High School
Jackson Davis Pukekohe High School
Catrin Dawson Epsom Girls Grammar School
Georgia Rose Dawson Villa Maria College
Kate Dawson Christchurch Girls High School
Eddie Day Kings College
Mark Day St John College
Callum De Moor Westlake Boys High School
David de Vaal Macleans College
Connor Deere Sacred Heart College (Auckland
Jamie Denton Napier Boys High School
Chris Devaney New Plymouth Boys High School
Mariette Devereux St Hilda's Collegiate
Tamara Dick St Margaret's College
Daniel Dickie Kings High School
Kurt Dickie Sacred Heart College (Auckland
Madi Doar St Cuthbert's College
April Dobbie St Hilda's Collegiate
Hester Donders Christchurch Girls High School
Ryan Donovan Auckland Grammar School
Caitlin Douglass Wellington Girls' College
Emma Douglass Wellington Girls' College
Patrick Dowd Hamilton Boys High School
Cairney Drew Kings High School
Sam Duncan Auckland Grammar School
Leila Dunlop Cashmere High School
Anna Duston Baradene College
Nathaniel Dysart Darfield High School