North Island Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2015 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Tafito Lafaele Auckland
Ethan Lal Waikato Bay of Plenty
Kieran Lane Auckland
Laura Langley East Coast North Island
Brian Lealiifano Auckland
Andrew Ledger Wellington
Chloe Lee La Salle North Harbour
Mason Leef East Coast North Island
Molly Leggett North Harbour
Melkorka Leggett-Hilmarsdotti Waikato Bay of Plenty
Libby Leikis Wellington
Ellen Lellman Waikato Bay of Plenty
Jane Lennox Wanganui
Jack Lewer Manawatu
Delwyn Lewis North Harbour
Arthur Lin Auckland
Lisa Lin Wanganui
Leia Linford Counties Manukau
Tonga Liuaki Counties Manukau
Michael Loft Taranaki
Chadoe Lomax Wanganui
Cara Lonergan North Harbour
Kalisi Longopoa Auckland
Niven Longopoa Auckland
Devon Lonyim Auckland
Ariana Lord Waikato Bay of Plenty
Angela Lorusso North Harbour
Dean Lotter North Harbour
Rose Lovell Wellington
Natalie Lowe Sohlson North Harbour
Stephanie Lualua Waikato Bay of Plenty
Grace Lui Auckland
Tino Lui Auckland
Natalia Lunny North Harbour
Dylan Lynch Wellington
Caitlyn Lyttle Waikato Bay of Plenty