North Island Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2015 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Kimberly D'Mello Waikato Bay of Plenty
Sam Daniels Counties Manukau
Connor Davidson Wellington
Jamie Davidson Manawatu
Jack Davies Waikato Bay of Plenty
James Davis Wanganui
Catrin Dawson Auckland
Sophie Dawson Wellington
Flo de Bievre East Coast North Island
Sarah de Bruin Northland
Olivia De Martin Wellington
Aamon Dean Waikato Bay of Plenty
Daniel Delaney North Harbour
Harry Delany Wellington
Robbie Delany Wellington
Zac Dell Counties Manukau
Darrian Dempsey Waikato Bay of Plenty
Chris Devaney Taranaki
Lauchlan Dickson Auckland
Jessica Dillon-Springfield Taranaki
Sophie Dinwiddie Wanganui
MIllie Douglas Waikato Bay of Plenty
Marino Doyle Wellington
Raukura Doyle Wellington
Sarah Doyle North Harbour
Opetini Dryden Wanganui
Tayla Dryland-Crawford Waikato Bay of Plenty
Esme Du Plessis Counties Manukau
Gus Dube Waikato Bay of Plenty
Georgina Duncan Wanganui
Jimmy-James Duncan Wanganui
Sam Duncan Auckland