North Island Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2015 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Annabelle Cadogan Waikato Bay of Plenty
Brianna Cadwallader North Harbour
Sam Cadwallader North Harbour
Joel Campbell Counties Manukau
Alec Cannons Wellington
Vincent Capes Wairarapa
Aimee Carlson East Coast North Island
Joel Carman Wellington
Logan Carroll-Teao East Coast North Island
Jackie Carter Taranaki
Andrew Catley Auckland
Eden Caudwell North Harbour
Tom Caughley Wellington
Rizvan Caukwell North Harbour
Liam Chesney Wellington
Elena Chetland De Vries Auckland
Sarah Christiansen Auckland
Maiya Christini Auckland
Bradley Christison East Coast North Island
Brooke Chubb Taranaki
Grace Clare Waikato Bay of Plenty
Abril Clark North Harbour
Joseph Clark North Harbour
Krystal Clark Counties Manukau
Petra Clarkson Wellington
Kristen Clausen North Harbour
Kitty Cleary Wanganui
Ruben Clinton Waikato Bay of Plenty
Georgia Clode Auckland
Richard Clough Taranaki
Georgia Cole Manawatu
Mayah Coleman Auckland
Simon Coleman Waikato Bay of Plenty
Brandy Collins Wellington
Christian Conder Wanganui
Sage Conner Smith Waikato Bay of Plenty
Jordan Connolly Waikato Bay of Plenty
Matt Conray North Harbour
Verona Conroy Wellington
Caylem Cook Taranaki
Titan Cook Taranaki
Sara Cooper Wellington
Katie Corbett Waikato Bay of Plenty
Sam Corbett Waikato Bay of Plenty
Mitchell Coulthurst North Harbour
Megan Cox North Harbour
Harry Crawford Auckland
Tyler Creighton Waikato Bay of Plenty
Jacey Cropp North Harbour
Valynce Crosby Te Whare Waikato Bay of Plenty
Daniel Cunningham Wellington
Ella Curtis Counties Manukau