North Island Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2008 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Jarred Page Counties Manukau
Ashleigh Paito Waikato Bay of Plenty
Te Reo Paki Wanganui
Joey Palea Counties Manukau
Saskia Palleson East Coast North Island
Ben Paltridge North Harbour
Kevin Pang Wanganui
Rhys Panui-Leith North Harbour
Sineva Parcell Counties Manukau
Tom Parker Auckland
Chelsey Parr Waikato Bay of Plenty
Holly Patterson Waikato Bay of Plenty
Kelsi Patterson Auckland
T Patterson Waikato Bay of Plenty
Tim Payne Auckland
Andre Peake Waikato Bay of Plenty
Danielle Pearson Wanganui
Rachel Peeters Auckland
Jamie Pegg Counties Manukau
Joseph Penitito East Coast North Island
Jessica Perry Taranaki
Jordan Peters Auckland
Kayla Peters East Coast North Island
Sophie Petherick East Coast North Island
Annika Pfitzinger North Harbour
Jonathan Philipsen North Harbour
Edward Phillips Auckland
Liam Phillips Waikato Bay of Plenty
Riana Phillips Northland
Kate Philpott Manawatu
Davith Pin Counties Manukau
Emil Pittman Auckland
Charnelle Pluim Counties Manukau
Rosemary Poching Auckland
Tineal Pocock Auckland
C Podmore Waikato Bay of Plenty
Sarah Podmore Waikato Bay of Plenty
Danielle Pomare-Mackay Manawatu
Thomas Pope Wellington
Greta Porter East Coast North Island
Courtney Potaka Manawatu
Breeanna Potter Auckland
Tarryn Powell East Coast North Island
Francesca Priest Auckland
Aaron Pulford Waikato Bay of Plenty
Brett Pulford East Coast North Island