North Island Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2008 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Kate Cadwallander Wanganui
Peter Callagher Auckland
Richard Callister North Harbour
James Calway Auckland
Katherine Camp Waikato Bay of Plenty
Julia Campbell Waikato Bay of Plenty
Dean Candy Northland
Vincent Carroll Auckland
Anna Carruthers North Harbour
Elliott Carston Waikato Bay of Plenty
Corey Casey Wellington
Fabian Castle Counties Manukau
Rachael Catley Auckland
Sarah Catley Auckland
Andrew Catlin Waikato Bay of Plenty
Ben Cave Waikato Bay of Plenty
Sapphire Cavie Wellington
Rosalie Chang Auckland
Kerry Charlesworth North Harbour
Pip Charlesworth North Harbour
Eden Cherrington Northland
Anya Christensen Northland
Leuka Christensen Northland
Seamus Christie North Harbour
Amy Christophers Waikato Bay of Plenty
Fabian Clarkson Auckland
Gareth Clay Wanganui
Toni Clinton North Harbour
Michael Cochrane Waikato Bay of Plenty
Siuea Cocker Auckland
Stanley Cocker Auckland
Te Ariki Coles-Underwood North Harbour
Nathan Coley Wanganui
Jordan Comerford Waikato Bay of Plenty
Samantha Connor North Harbour
Asher Cook Waikato Bay of Plenty
Kaleb Cookson Northland
Paris Cooper Waikato Bay of Plenty
Alex Corbett Northland
Tracey Corbett Manawatu
Keegan Cornaga Wanganui
Joel Corney Wanganui
Laura Cowling Counties Manukau
Megan Craig Northland
Annie Creagh East Coast North Island
Renae Croot Manawatu
Rebecca Cross Auckland
Brooke Cull North Harbour
Stephanie Cullen Wellington
Aaron Curran Counties Manukau
Thomas Currie North Harbour
anthony curry Auckland
jonathan curry Auckland