Canterbury Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2008 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Hayley Wade Combined Country High Sch
Michael Wadman Christchurch Boys High Sc
William Wadworth Christ's College
Emily Waiti Avonside Girls High Schoo
Lydia Wakefield Burnside High School
Jason Wali Riccarton High School
Alexandra Walker Christchurch Girls High S
Alexandra Walker Riccarton High School
Jarryd Walker Hillmorton High School
Josh Walker Ellesmere College
Scott Walker Christchurch Boys High Sc
Tessa Walker St Andrew's College
Culain Walsh Christchurch Boys High Sc
Mark Walsh Shirley Boys High School
Levana Walshe Mairehau High School
Hayden Wanhalla Hornby High School
Robyn Warburton Christchurch Girls High S
Ashleigh Ward Cashmere High School
Josh Ward Riccarton High School
Sam Ward St Andrew's College
Jacob Wardle Ellesmere College
Tim Wareing Christchurch Boys High Sc
Charlotte Warner Rangi Ruru Girls School
Tim Warner Mairehau High School
Philippa Warwick Marian College
Abbe Watson Middleton Grange
Christina Watson Aranui High School
Connor Watson Shirley Boys High School
Emily Watson Lincoln High School
James Watson St Andrew's College
Pania Watson Combined Country High Sch
Robert Watson Rangiora High School
Declan Watt Burnside High School
Sam Waugh Kaiapoi High School
Horana Wawatai Aranui High School
Jason Webb Middleton Grange
Samantha Webb Hornby High School
T-Jay Webber Linwood College
Heath Weir Riccarton High School
Felix Wells Christ's College
Jarryn Wells Christchurch Boys High Sc
Alana Welsh Papanui High School
Cameron Welsh Rangiora High School
James Welsh St Thomas of Canterbury C
Lauren Welsh Papanui High School
Tuscany Welsh St Andrew's College
Stefan Wesley St Thomas of Canterbury C
Martin Westley Burnside High School
Mollie Weston Christchurch Girls High S
Lauren Whearty Avonside Girls High Schoo
Jack Wheelans Christ's College
Shontelle Whelan Avonside Girls High Schoo
Annabelle White Middleton Grange
Chloe White Combined Country High Sch
Krystina White Hillmorton High School
Megan White Hornby High School
Rachel Whiteside Rangi Ruru Girls School
Jessica Whyte Aranui High School
Cingston Wickliffe Darfield High School
Olivia Wieblitz Villa Maria College
Aleia Wiggins Marian College
George Wigley Christ's College
Leevon Wihare Shirley Boys High School
Uddaka Wijesinghe Christ's College
Julia Wild Burnside High School
Kayne Wilkinson St Andrew's College
Chloe Williams Linwood College
David Williams Cathedral College
Edward Williams Christchurch Boys High Sc
Georgia Williams Marian College
Livvy Williams Ellesmere College
Teagan Williams Hornby High School
Beth Williamson Lincoln High School
Aimee Wills Allenvale School
Charlotte Wills Rangi Ruru Girls School
Jack Wilson Christ's College
Monica Wilson Papanui High School
Seb Wilson St Andrew's College
Alex Wing Christ's College
Hayden Winter St Thomas of Canterbury C
Sammy Winward Riccarton High School
Chris Wiremu Christchurch Boys High Sc
Peter Withers St Andrew's College
Piriwata Witute Shirley Boys High School
Zofia Wojcik Marian College
Hannah Wong Marian College
Duncan Wood Christchurch Boys High Sc
Emily Wood St Margaret's College
Laura Wood Christchurch Girls High S
Sam Wood Lincoln High School
Sarah Wood Marian College
Simone Woodford Villa Maria College
Neena Woodgate Lincoln High School
Tom Wooding St Bede's College
Joshua Woodthorpe Rangiora High School
Krysti Woodyear-Smith Christchurch Girls High S
Jason Wootton Lincoln High School
Nathan Wootton Lincoln High School
Charlotte Worner Rangi Ruru Girls School
Annabelle Wright St Margaret's College
Emily Wright St Andrew's College
Patrick Wynne Christ's College
David Wynyard Hornby High School