Canterbury Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2008 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Stuart Tafua Hornby High School
Anthony Taite Hornby High School
Matalaoa Taito Marian College
Malea Talaepa Avonside Girls High Schoo
Alannah Talbot Hornby High School
Ashley Talbot Hornby High School
Kathryn Tamakehu Avonside Girls High Schoo
Cirrus Tan Burnside High School
Ted Tanchak Cashmere High School
Ryan Taplin Rangiora High School
Xavier Tarren-Sweeney Burnside High School
Mele Tatu Hornby High School
Anastasia Tauamiti Middleton Grange
Elijah Tauamiti Burnside High School
Leonnie Tauapai Papanui High School
Angela Taupale Pati Mairehau High School
Anthony Taupau Papanui High School
Bradley Taylor Christchurch Boys High Sc
Joseph Taylor Christchurch Boys High Sc
Liam Taylor St Bede's College
Maddy Taylor Burnside High School
Martyn Taylor Shirley Boys High School
Stephanie Taylor Burnside High School
William Taylor Christ's College
Haiti Te Wani Ferndale School
Mitchell Teirney St Thomas of Canterbury C
Sana Tekii Mairehau High School
Leah Temesvari Kaiapoi High School
Nysha Temesvari Kaiapoi High School
Courtney Tepaa Cathedral College
Jazzmyn Tepania Hillmorton High School
Andre Tessarolo Mairehau High School
Laura Thoen Marian College
Andy Thom Shirley Boys High School
Allanah Thomas Avonside Girls High Schoo
Emma Thomas Avonside Girls High Schoo
Hannah Thomas Cashmere High School
Mitchell Thomas Linwood College
Owen Thomas St Andrew's College
Croydon Thompson Christchurch Boys High Sc
Sophie Thompson Christchurch Girls High S
Daniel Thoms Christchurch Boys High Sc
Ben Thomson Kaiapoi High School
Michalla Thomson Christchurch Girls High S
Andrew Thorn Hornby High School
Larissa Thoroughgood Middleton Grange
Courtney Tibberts Christchurch Girls High S
Paul Tillman Rangiora High School
Yolanda Timbers Hagley Community College
Brock Timperley Christ's College
Makesi Tito St Thomas of Canterbury C
Jordan Toa St Bede's College
PJ Tofilau Hillmorton High School
Luke Tohiariki Hillmorton High School
Hushdon Tohovaka St Bede's College
Tyrone Toia Shirley Boys High School
Sarah Tollan Avonside Girls High Schoo
Jess Tomlinson St Andrew's College
Michael Toner Shirley Boys High School
Andrew Toneycliffe St Bede's College
James Tongia St Thomas of Canterbury C
Viena Toomalatai Hornby High School
Cheyenne Torea Aranui High School
Manu Touli Cashmere High School
Reyd Treleaven Shirley Boys High School
Sam Treleaven Shirley Boys High School
Philipa Trevalla Rangi Ruru Girls School
Bernadette Trip Villa Maria College
Gabrielle Trip Villa Maria College
Joanna Trip Villa Maria College
Wendy Trolove Rangi Ruru Girls School
Alex Truesdale Christ's College
Sarah Truscott St Margaret's College
Sonatane Tuakalau Christchurch Boys High Sc
Brad Tucker St Bede's College
James Tucker St Bede's College
Bradley Tuhi St Thomas of Canterbury C
Benjamin Tuiletufuga Shirley Boys High School
Kurtis Tulia St Thomas of Canterbury C
Elekana Tupai Mairehau High School
Hayden Turnbull Papanui High School
Jonothan Turner Hornby High School
Shayde Turner Shirley Boys High School
Tom Turner Christchurch Boys High Sc
Penny Turney Rangi Ruru Girls School
Brendon Tusa Hillmorton High School
Paul Tusa Cathedral College
James Twomey St Andrew's College
Connor Tyndall Cashmere High School
Hannah Tyrrell Marian College