Canterbury Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2008 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Tufuga Sa Shirley Boys High School
Masaki Saegusa Princigalli St Bede's College
Alex Saimoa Cashmere High School
Andrew Salisbury Ferndale School
Thomas Sammut St Bede's College
Jazmine Sampey Mairehau High School
Snow Samu Hornby High School
Danny Samuelu Shirley Boys High School
George Sanders Lincoln High School
Nino Sanft-Tupuhi Linwood College
Mika Saniuela-McEntyre St Thomas of Canterbury C
Stephanie Sanson Burnside High School
Chelsea Saunders St Margaret's College
Michael Saunders Shirley Boys High School
Craig Savage Shirley Boys High School
Valentyne Schnelle Kaiapoi High School
Maarten Schrader St Bede's College
Hagen Schulte St Bede's College
Ruby Schurink Riccarton High School
Elliot Scott Christchurch Boys High Sc
Geoffrey Scott Shirley Boys High School
Alex Seales Lincoln High School
Angus Seales Lincoln High School
Misi Selave St Thomas of Canterbury C
Alex Seleznev Burnside High School
Emma Sellwood Darfield High School
Michael Sellwood Darfield High School
AJ Setefano St Bede's College
Caitlin Sewell Burnside High School
Kate Shannon Burnside High School
Alice Sharples Rangi Ruru Girls School
Tammy Shaskey Combined Country High Sch
Chantelle Shatford Marian College
Ben Shaw St Bede's College
Nathan Shaw Papanui High School
Rachael Shaw Avonside Girls High Schoo
Megan Shea Marian College
Trent Sherlock Shirley Boys High School
Alyssa Sherriff Christchurch Girls High S
Yasuhiro Shima Christchurch Boys High Sc
Nicole Sialeipata Hillmorton High School
Sula Siauane Mairehau High School
Ayla Siave Hillmorton High School
Engurra Sila Burnside High School
Zach Silk St Andrew's College
Emma Silva St Margaret's College
Katie Silverthorne Avonside Girls High Schoo
Samantha Simbanegavi Hornby High School
Chris Simcock St Andrew's College
Emilie Simpson St Margaret's College
Guy Simpson St Andrew's College
Hayden Sinclair St Bede's College
Jason Sinclair Shirley Boys High School
Tyrone Sio-Avia Hillmorton High School
Junior Sitagata St Andrew's College
James Skurr St Andrew's College
Ethan Slagter Hillmorton High School
Nathaniel Slagter Combined Country High Sch
Kate Slaven Rangi Ruru Girls School
Ellis Slee Lincoln High School
Grace Slee Lincoln High School
Ryan Sloan Burnside High School
Jessica Smaill St Margaret's College
Nick Smeulders Mairehau High School
Angie Smit Rangiora High School
Anton Smith Shirley Boys High School
Ben Smith Rangiora High School
Blair Smith Rangiora High School
Catherine Smith Kaiapoi High School
Craig Smith Christchurch Boys High Sc
Craig Smith Darfield High School
Craig Smith St Thomas of Canterbury C
Dale Smith St Thomas of Canterbury C
Dean Smith Papanui High School
Devon Smith Mairehau High School
Glenn Smith Combined Country High Sch
Hannah Smith Rangi Ruru Girls School
Isla Smith Middleton Grange
Kimberly Smith Mairehau High School
Logan Smith Hillmorton High School
McKenzie Smith Christchurch Boys High Sc
Tim Smith Christ's College
Tom Smith Christchurch Boys High Sc
Brooke Snell Avonside Girls High Schoo
Tafuna'i Soli Hornby High School
Martin Solofua St Andrew's College
Veta Solofua Marian College
Marina Solofuti Combined Country High Sch
Tuhiku Solomon Combined Country High Sch
Joseph Southorn St Bede's College
Kate Spence Burnside High School
Julia Spiers Rangi Ruru Girls School
Emily Spink Burnside High School
Shaquille Spooner-Nixon Kaiapoi High School
Jake Stamper Middleton Grange
Joe Stanely St Thomas of Canterbury C
Emma Starink Combined Country High Sch
Maicalia Steinegg Burnside High School
Arran Stelling St Andrew's College
Caroline Steven Burnside High School
Aaron Stevens Shirley Boys High School
Sam Stevens Papanui High School
Jack Stevenson Shirley Boys High School
Brittany Stewart Avonside Girls High Schoo
Maddie Stewart Avonside Girls High Schoo
Michael Stewart St Bede's College
Sonja Stewart Avonside Girls High Schoo
Susie Stewart St Margaret's College
Annie Stock Burnside High School
Peter Stockdale Aranui High School
Amy Stockley-Smith St Margaret's College
James Stoddart Burnside High School
Allison Stokes St Margaret's College
Rozlyn Stokes St Margaret's College
Jordan Stone Combined Country High Sch
Julia Storms Kaiapoi High School
Fisi Stowers Aranui High School
Nicole Stowers-Murray Avonside Girls High Schoo
Emma Stuart Combined Country High Sch
Rosie Studholme St Margaret's College
Brine Styles Riccarton High School
Ethan Sullivan St Bede's College
Luke Sullivan St Bede's College
Jessica Sumner Marian College
Mathias Suppan St Andrew's College
Kate Suter St Andrew's College
Elise Sutherland Burnside High School
Jonathan Sutherland Hagley Community College
Lauren Sutherland Burnside High School
Emily Sutton Aranui High School
Ryan Svensson Hornby High School
Alex Svoboda Rangiora High School
Sami Swadi Burnside High School
Matthew Swaffield Riccarton High School
Martin Swart Christchurch Boys High Sc
Lara Sweetapple Burnside High School
Jodie Syme Combined Country High Sch
Victoria Syme Combined Country High Sch
Emma Symon St Margaret's College