Canterbury Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2008 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Thomas Haar Riccarton High School
Hamish Haddow St Andrew's College
Will Haddow St Andrew's College
Tayler Haerewa Cashmere High School
Jasmine Haika Aranui High School
Ashleigh Hall Rangiora High School
Brendon Hall Shirley Boys High School
Hayden Hall Kaiapoi High School
Sophie Hallam Marian College
Jordan Halligan St Bede's College
Tuscany Hamel St Andrew's College
Dayna Hamilton Combined Country High Sch
Benjamin Hammond Shirley Boys High School
Karl Hammond Shirley Boys High School
Keziah Hammond Riccarton High School
Nicola Hancock Lincoln High School
Phillipa Hancox Lincoln High School
Will Hand Christchurch Boys High Sc
Amanda Hansen Ellesmere College
Casey Hanson Lincoln High School
John Hanson Christ's College
Elijah Hapi Aranui High School
Nicole Harding Christchurch Girls High S
Olli Harding Hillmorton High School
Polly Harding Rangi Ruru Girls School
Jacinda Harkess Riccarton High School
Nicole Harliwich Avonside Girls High Schoo
Louis Harmon St Bede's College
Jack Harper Christ's College
Billy Harrington Combined Country High Sch
Andrew Harris Christchurch Boys High Sc
Sam Harris Christ's College
Casey Harrison Lincoln High School
Sam Harrison Ellesmere College
Tayla Harrison Christchurch Boys High Sc
Sam Harvey Lincoln High School
Mark Hastie Burnside High School
Jessica Hastings Burnside High School
Milly Haughey Combined Country High Sch
Alecia Hawker Papanui High School
Sarah Hawkins Rangiora High School
Chris Haxell Lincoln High School
Jennifer Hay Marian College
James Hayes Hillmorton High School
Cameron Haylock Hillmorton High School
James Haylock Hillmorton High School
Pippa Hayward St Margaret's College
Rawiri Hazel Linwood College
Andrew Hazeldine St Andrew's College
Sam Hazeldine Shirley Boys High School
George Hazlett Christ's College
Tayla Hazzard-Williams Avonside Girls High Schoo
Abbey healey Linwood College
Digby Heard Christ's College
Caleb Helm Middleton Grange
Uwe Helu St Thomas of Canterbury C
Jamie Henderson Riccarton High School
Samuel Henderson Christ's College
Sorren Henderson Rangi Ruru Girls School
Jackson Henry Shirley Boys High School
Sean Henshaw Lincoln High School
Sophie Henwood St Andrew's College
Cameron Hepburn Allenvale School
Tyler Hern Kaiapoi High School
Angus Heslop Ellesmere College
Kate Hewitt Rangiora High School
Gregory Hicks Kaiapoi High School
Jessica Hicks Middleton Grange
Sami Hidegom Shirley Boys High School
Stacey Hildreth Christchurch Girls High S
Mariska Hill Avonside Girls High Schoo
Kadin Hind Ellesmere College
Edmund Hines Allenvale School
Rowan Hines Middleton Grange
Madeleine Hinton St Andrew's College
Michael Hishon St Bede's College
Samuel Hobson St Andrew's College
Daniel Hodges Shirley Boys High School
Lance Holland Linwood College
Zach Hollis St Andrew's College
Rennae Hopkins Christchurch Girls High S
Matthew Hopper Linwood College
Samuel Hopping Shirley Boys High School
Christopher Houghton St Bede's College
Conor Houghton St Bede's College
Nik House Shirley Boys High School
Ben Howes St Andrew's College
Samuel Howes St Andrew's College
Angel Huang St Margaret's College
Jim Huang Burnside High School
Tayler Hubber-Davis St Andrew's College
Patrick Hughes-Games Combined Country High Sch
Harry Hunt Hagley Community College
Oliie Hunt Christchurch Boys High Sc
Sarah Hurrell Hornby High School
Tilah Hurrell Hornby High School
Glen Hurst Darfield High School
Matt Hutchings Christchurch Boys High Sc
Matthew Hutchinson Burnside High School
Tom Hutchison Christchurch Boys High Sc