Canterbury Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2007 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Stephen Raika Middleton Grange
Kurt Rains Combined Country High Sch
John Ramana Middleton Grange
Talia Rangiwhetu Papanui High School
Nick Rapana Papanui High School
Bob Rasmusen Middleton Grange
Katie Rasmussen Villa Maria College
Michael Rasmussen Lincoln High School
Chancy Rattanong Cashmere High School
Angus Rattray Christ's College
Godfrey Redoblado St Bede's College
Sheldon Reed Christ's College
William Reid St Andrew's College
Sinnead Rennell Villa Maria College
Brigitta Rennie Rangi Ruru Girls School
Nick Rennie Christchurch Boys High Sc
Tom Rennie Christchurch Boys High Sc
Tim Rhoades Burnside High School
Tony Rhodes Burnside High School
Aaron Richardson St Bede's College
Alistair Richardson Rudolf Steiner School
Asher Richardson Burnside High School
Henry Richardson Combined Country High Sch
Perrin Richardson Burnside High School
Tyler Rickerby Shirley Boys High School
Brad Riddell Christchurch Boys High Sc
Jason Rippon Middleton Grange
Matthew Ritani Shirley Boys High School
Alex Ritchie Christchurch Boys High Sc
Tiana Ritchie Burnside High School
Sarah Robb Christchurch Girls High S
Williamson Robert Shirley Boys High School
Luke Roberts St Bede's College
Chase Roberts-Hood Linwood College
Michael Robinson St Andrew's College
Sam Robinson St Andrew's College
Shay Robinson Burnside High School
Ilah Robottom Aranui High School
Kimberley Robson Burnside High School
Will Robson Christchurch Boys High Sc
Danny Roddick Burnside High School
Nicol Rogal Avonside Girls High Schoo
Jarrod Romana Ellesmere College
Erin Rooney Marian College
Jayden Root Ellesmere College
Jack Roper Christchurch Boys High Sc
Cameron Ross Christchurch Boys High Sc
James Ross Papanui High School
Michael Ross Cashmere High School
Michael Ross Combined Country High Sch
Ruby Ross Avonside Girls High Schoo
James Roughan Burnside High School
Aaron Ruddle Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti
Matthew Rushton Lincoln High School
Jamie Rutland Combined Country High Sch
Ethan Ryan Christchurch Boys High Sc
Patrick Ryan Christ's College
Jordan Ryder St Bede's College
Karly Ryder St Andrew's College
Sophie Ryder St Andrew's College
Lucy Ryman-Ferris Avonside Girls High Schoo