Canterbury Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2007 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Simon Page Combined Country High Sch
Boyce Paki Hornby High School
Ollie Palmer Christchurch Boys High Sc
Harry Pankhurst Christ's College
Jesse Parkinson Combined Country High Sch
Anna Parkinson-Breen Linwood College
Llewie Parry Shirley Boys High School
Jed Parsons Lincoln High School
Sam Parsons Lincoln High School
Sophie Pascoe Lincoln High School
Sarah Pateman Hornby High School
Stacey Pateman Hornby High School
Holly Paterson Christchurch Girls High S
Rupert Paterson Christ's College
Wiremu Paton Linwood College
Grace Patterson Papanui High School
Guaifaleai Patu Vaegaau Marian College
Peter Paulo Linwood College
Gemma Payne St Andrew's College
Marama Pearce Mairehau High School
Mareta Pelenato Avonside Girls High Schoo
Sorcha Peren St Margaret's College
Emma Perry Rangi Ruru Girls School
Alice Petelo Aranui High School
Radha Petero Cathedral College
Emma Petersen Rangi Ruru Girls School
paul Petersen Papanui High School
Nathan Petrie Burnside High School
Giuliana Petronelli Rangiora High School
Matthew Pfahlert Burnside High School
Amy Pfiefer Villa Maria College
Dale Phillips Combined Country High Sch
Kennan Phillips Shirley Boys High School
Laura Phillips Lincoln High School
Michael Phillips Christchurch Boys High Sc
Jamie Philpott Shirley Boys High School
Jordan Phipps St Bede's College
Loren Piket Avonside Girls High Schoo
Alice Pilgrim Avonside Girls High Schoo
Katrina Pinnington Middleton Grange
Mai Plengsrisuk Middleton Grange
Hannah Poole Burnside High School
Jamie Pope Christchurch Boys High Sc
Charles Porter Christ's College
Jamie Pottinger Christchurch Boys High Sc
Nick Potts Christchurch Boys High Sc
Jamie Prebble Christchurch Boys High Sc
Nick Prebble Christchurch Boys High Sc
Sam Prebble Christchurch Boys High Sc
Victoria Prendergast Papanui High School
James Prentice Christ's College
James Prentice Burnside High School
Adam Prest Burnside High School
Andrew Price Christchurch Boys High Sc
Matt Price Kaiapoi High School
Chad Pring Darfield High School
Jack Pringle St Andrew's College
Grace Prisk Middleton Grange
Jason Procter Christ's College
Matthew Procter Christ's College
Anton Punivai Christchurch Boys High Sc