Canterbury Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2007 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Teone Kahu Hagley Community College
Jack Kain Christ's College
Josh Karaitiana Papanui High School
Michael Karena Rangiora High School
Sam Keates Burnside High School
Megan Keats Burnside High School
Hannah Keenan Christchurch Girls High S
Moana Keepa Marian College
Abbey Kelly Lincoln High School
Samuel Kelso Hillmorton High School
Brooke Kennedy Avonside Girls High Schoo
Darragh Kenny St Bede's College
Ratana Keo Hillmorton High School
Michael Keppel Shirley Boys High School
Gabby Kerdemelidis Burnside High School
Shae Kereopa Linwood College
Ben Kerkhofs St Bede's College
April Kerr Lincoln High School
Chelsea Kerr Avonside Girls High Schoo
Olivia Kerr Villa Maria College
Robert Kerr Christ's College
Sophie Kerr St Margaret's College
Brogan Kerrison St Andrew's College
Christopher Kerslake Christ's College
Wynn Kerstens Burnside High School
Merissa Kesseler St Andrew's College
Grace Kiesanowski Marian College
Emma Kilbride Villa Maria College
Fiona Kilian Avonside Girls High Schoo
Kate Kilpatrick St Margaret's College
Alex Kim Christchurch Boys High Sc
YH Kim Christ's College
Curlan Kimberley-Shand Christchurch Boys High Sc
Victoria King Rangi Ruru Girls School
Zahara King Avonside Girls High Schoo
Danny Kingan St Bede's College
Michael kinley Middleton Grange
James Kipping Christ's College
Anna Kiriaev Rangi Ruru Girls School
Eden Kirner Kaiapoi High School
Craig Kitson St Bede's College
Jordan Kiwara Christchurch Boys High Sc
Alex Knight Lincoln High School
Shannon Knight Hillmorton High School
Peter Ko Christchurch Boys High Sc
Christina Koch Rangiora High School
Kaymin Koh Burnside High School
Jordan Koloamatangi St Thomas of Canterbury C
Daniel Koster Shirley Boys High School
Michael Koster Shirley Boys High School
Matthew Kottier St Bede's College
India Kraal St Andrew's College
Stephen Krammer Riccarton High School