Canterbury Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2007 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Jeremy Gall Hillmorton High School
Simon Gannaway Rangiora High School
Thea Garard St Andrew's College
Greg Garazzi St Bede's College
Emma Gardiner St Margaret's College
Sonja Gardiner Avonside Girls High Schoo
Jeremy Gardner St Andrew's College
Jessica Garlick Villa Maria College
Hayley Garven Burnside High School
Janine Geard Lincoln High School
Tane Gent St Andrew's College
Shelby George Kaiapoi High School
Alex Ghirelli Christchurch Boys High Sc
Matthew Gibbons Burnside High School
Holly Gibbs Villa Maria College
Margot Gibson St Margaret's College
Rachael Gibson Hornby High School
Isaac Giesen St Andrew's College
Emily Gilchrist Rangi Ruru Girls School
Sinead Gilchrist Ellesmere College
Luke Gillespie Middleton Grange
Tessa Gillett Rangiora High School
Sarah Gilmour Avonside Girls High Schoo
Gary Gin Cashmere High School
Jonathan Glassey Lincoln High School
James Glasson Burnside High School
Shaun Glasson Burnside High School
Megan Glenday Lincoln High School
Andrew Godinet St Bede's College
Antinetta Godinet Marian College
John Godinet Cathedral College
Lucy Goodwin St Andrew's College
Yorrick Goodwin Linwood College
Ian Gordon Burnside High School
Harry Graham-Samson Lincoln High School
Jordan Grant St Margaret's College
Lachie Grant Cashmere High School
Lachy Grant Christchurch Boys High Sc
Hayley Gray Rangiora High School
Laura Gray Papanui High School
Tim Greene St Andrew's College
Catriona Greenslade Lincoln High School
Beau Gregory-Hunt St Bede's College
Saxon Gregory-Hunt Christchurch Boys High Sc
Ben Greig Shirley Boys High School
Demi Grey Hornby High School
Hannah Grey Burnside High School
Nic Grice Christ's College
Hollie Griffith Christchurch Girls High S
Rose Griffiths St Andrew's College
Deanna Grindley Rangiora High School
Andre Groenewald Allenvale School
Ian Groves Hillmorton High School
Emily Gualter St Andrew's College
Sarah Gunn St Margaret's College
Michael Gunstone Cathedral College