Canterbury Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2007 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Sophia Baier Kaiapoi High School
Ben Bailey Christchurch Boys High Sc
Hayden Bailey Shirley Boys High School
Bazi Baker Middleton Grange
Zoe Baker Kaiapoi High School
Jordan Bakermans St Bede's College
Kate Baldwin Burnside High School
Shane Bankier Shirley Boys High School
Nathan Banks Hornby High School
Jordy Barbara Papanui High School
Thomas Barclay Christ's College
Monique Barker Marian College
Lucy Barrett Burnside High School
Sam Barron Shirley Boys High School
Sam Bateman Christchurch Boys High Sc
Sarah Bateup Rangiora High School
Emilie Batt St Margaret's College
Olivia Batt St Margaret's College
Zara Battersby Combined Country High Sch
Adam Baxter Shirley Boys High School
Bradley Baxter Lincoln High School
Hannah Bayard Burnside High School
Amy Beach Rangiora High School
Adam Beedles St Bede's College
Alesha Beedles Mairehau High School
Symon Beedles Mairehau High School
Fenna Beets Combined Country High Sch
Callum Bell Kaiapoi High School
Sam Bell St Thomas of Canterbury C
Taylor Bell Hillmorton High School
Harry Bennett Hillmorton High School
Amy Benton Rangi Ruru Girls School
Erin Benyon St Margaret's College
Kelsey Berryman Papanui High School
Michael Besley Middleton Grange
Nicholas Betteridge Shirley Boys High School
Nick Birchfield Christchurch Boys High Sc
Alex Bishop Lincoln High School
Andrew Black Papanui High School
Jenny Blackburne Cashmere High School
Chelsea Blair St Andrew's College
Connor Block Rangiora High School
Annabelle Blue Burnside High School
Maca Bogitini Riccarton High School
Lucy Bolton Christchurch Girls High S
James Bonifacio Hagley Community College
Jonathan Boorer Burnside High School
Darren Botha Papanui High School
Becky Bouterey Cashmere High School
Kirsty Bowden Burnside High School
John Bowie St Andrew's College
Matt Bowie Lincoln High School
Miles Boyer-Toto Mairehau High School
Matt Bozinhoff Shirley Boys High School
Casey Bradley Burnside High School
Hannah Bradley St Margaret's College
Kale Bradshaw St Thomas of Canterbury C
Tyler Brailey Hillmorton High School
Sarah Brand Rangi Ruru Girls School
Ryan Bridgeman Burnside High School
Scott Bridgman Burnside High School
Anna Brinsdon Papanui High School
Flora Brocherie Villa Maria College
Jordaine Brogan Mairehau High School
Courtney Brook Burnside High School
Kimberley Brorens Papanui High School
Amy Brown Allenvale School
Annabelle Brown Rangi Ruru Girls School
Annie Brown Middleton Grange
Courteney Brown Lincoln High School
Dylan Brown St Thomas of Canterbury C
Fenella Brown Rangi Ruru Girls School
Haidee Brown St Margaret's College
HFO Brown Christ's College
Olivia Brown St Andrew's College
Rachel Brown Villa Maria College
Sam Brown Rangi Ruru Girls School
Sam Brownie Christchurch Boys High Sc
Georgia Brownlee St Margaret's College
Tanya Bruning Combined Country High Sch
Annelise Bryant St Margaret's College
Alice Buchanan Marian College
Ruth Buchanan Marian College
Sean Buijs Shirley Boys High School
Simon Burgess Linwood College
Daniel Burke Shirley Boys High School
Cameron Burnett Burnside High School
Chris Burnett Christchurch Boys High Sc
Loren Burnett Burnside High School
Chantelle Burnside Burnside High School
lauren Burnside Avonside Girls High Schoo
Mark Burton Mairehau High School
Dylan Bushell Burnside High School
Caleb Butcher Middleton Grange
Zach Butler Burnside High School
Anthony Bykerk Middleton Grange
Joshua Byrne St Bede's College
Sam Byrne Darfield High School