Canterbury Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2007 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Tessa Abbott Rangi Ruru Girls School
Helen Abernethy Linwood College
Felicity Adamson Middleton Grange
Albert Adcock Christchurch Boys High Sc
Fekade Addisu St Bede's College
Daniel Afeau St Bede's College
Primo Afeau St Bede's College
Zac Ainsworth Shirley Boys High School
Lana Aitcheson Mairehau High School
Emma Aitken Rangiora High School
Keneiti Alatimu Linwood College
James Ale Combined Country High Sch
Natasha Alexander Villa Maria College
Ryan Alexander Christ's College
Bridgette Allan Rangi Ruru Girls School
Jack Allan Shirley Boys High School
Kathryn Allan St Andrew's College
Michael Allen Hagley Community College
Georgie Allison Rangi Ruru Girls School
David Ambler Christchurch Boys High Sc
Simone Andersen Cashmere High School
Brett Anderson St Bede's College
Hamish Anderson St Andrew's College
Shane Anderson St Bede's College
Conner Andrews Lincoln High School
Richard Andrews St Andrew's College
Annie Angus St Andrew's College
Tim Aokuso Linwood College
Joshua Archer Rangiora High School
Fredericka Archibald St Margaret's College
Georgina Archibald St Margaret's College
Guy Archibald Christ's College
Patrick Ardouin Linwood College
Meg Armon-Anderson Avonside Girls High Schoo
Jessamy Armstrong Middleton Grange
Joel Armstrong Middleton Grange
Julia Arnott Rangi Ruru Girls School
Michael Arps Shirley Boys High School
Brock Ashby Christchurch Boys High Sc
Harriet Ashby Rangiora High School
Olivia Ashby Burnside High School
Addisu Asres Papanui High School
Ali Atayee Burnside High School
Jaye Atkin Rangiora High School
Mark Atkins Cashmere High School
Maegan Attwood Marian College
Prateek Atwal Lincoln High School
Eti Aulaumea Burnside High School
Ash Austin Shirley Boys High School
Brynjar Authunsson Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti
Reynir Authunsson Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti
Lucie Auwerda Christchurch Girls High S
Sophie Auwerda Christchurch Girls High S
Tau Avii Riccarton High School
Phil Aviria Hillmorton High School