Aoraki Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2009 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Manu Taiti Waitaki Boys' High School
Ngakita Tamou Opihi College
Renee Taylor Roncalli College
La Toya Te Kapa Timaru Girls' High School
Craig Te Raki Ashburton College
Tyrone Teinakore Mountainview High School
Jayden Thomson Mountainview High School
Nathan Thorn Timaru Boys' High School
Caleb Thurlow Mountainview High School
Natalie Tipuna Waitaki Girls' High School
Kayla Toa Craighead Diocesen School
William Todd Timaru Boys' High School
Alice Toddhunter Mt Hutt College
Darryl Tooley Roncalli College
Brook Toomalatai Roncalli College
Romeo Touli Ashburton College
Paige Trusler-Clark Ashburton College
Kaitlyn Tucker Mountainview High School
Bridget Tuitufu Timaru Girls' High School
Lavaea Tumata Ashburton College
Joel Turner Opihi College
Hannah Turton Ashburton College
Katherine Turton Ashburton College
Alex Tutty Roncalli College
Cain Tweedie-Cunningham Timaru Boys' High School