Aoraki Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2009 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Hamish Race Roncalli College
Cassandra Reid Craighead Diocesen School
Lance Reid Waitaki Boys' High School
Stephanie Rigter Ashburton College
Elliot Riley Timaru Boys' High School
Kyle Riwaka Timaru Boys' High School
Harriet Robb Geraldine High School
Jamie Robb Waitaki Boys' High School
Natalie Robb Geraldine High School
Trisha-Rose Roberts Mountainview High School
Kayne Robinson Roncalli College
Megan Robinson Timaru Girls' High School
Sally Robinson Waimate High School
Steffi Rogers Waitaki Girls' High School
Rachel Rolleston Craighead Diocesen School
Nicky Rooney Roncalli College
Rebecca Rooney Roncalli College
Amy Ross Geraldine High School
Ryan Ruddenclau Waitaki Boys' High School
Sarah Rule Waitaki Girls' High School
Joshua Rumble Timaru Boys' High School
Patricia Rush Roncalli College
Nathan Ruthe Opihi College
Ammar Ryan Timaru Boys' High School
Bradley Ryan Timaru Boys' High School
Leanna Ryan Roncalli College
Silas Ryan Roncalli College
Tyler Ryan Waitaki Boys' High School