Aoraki Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2009 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Jarred Badham Ashburton College
Alice Baird Mackenzie College
Tiffany Banks Waitaki Girls' High School
Krystal Barlow Mackenzie College
Katie Barr Geraldine High School
Sarah Barr Geraldine High School
Lochlainn Basford Timaru Boys' High School
Chris Bashall Mountainview High School
Alex Batchelor Geraldine High School
Garrick Batchelor Roncalli College
Monica Beardsley Twizel Area School
Hailey Beevor Ashburton College
Shannon Begg Geraldine High School
Brian Bell Waitaki Boys' High School
George Bell Waitaki Boys' High School
Julia Bell Ashburton College
Ruth Bell Mackenzie College
Kristie Bennet Mountainview High School
Laura Bennett Craighead Diocesen School
Sam Bennett Ashburton College
Kate Benny Ashburton College
Hannah Beynon Craighead Diocesen School
Sebastiaan Bierema Ashburton College
Jacob Bignall Waitaki Boys' High School
Adam Bishell Ashburton College
Jodi Blackler Roncalli College
Eilidh Blanchard Waitaki Girls' High School
Elise Blundell Waimate High School
Olivia Body Mt Hutt College
Hannah Bond Waitaki Girls' High School
Tori Booth Waitaki Girls' High School
Bella Borrie Craighead Diocesen School
William Borrie Waitaki Boys' High School
Samantha Bower Craighead Diocesen School
Liam Bowles Opihi College
Timothy Bowman Timaru Boys' High School
Claudette Bradley Timaru Girls' High School
Shaun Breen Roncalli College
Rebekah Brennan Opihi College
Michael Brien Roncalli College
Tim Brien Roncalli College
Sam Briggs Ashburton College
Rachel Brownlie Roncalli College
Nick Bruce Roncalli College
Sarah Bruce Roncalli College
Sasha Bruce Mt Hutt College
Tylar Bruin Mountainview High School
Scott Buckingham Timaru Boys' High School
Tim Bunckenburg Roncalli College
Michael Burgess Waitaki Boys' High School
Cameron Burke Mountainview High School
Stacey Burnett Waimate High School
Stephen Burt Roncalli College
Digby Butcher Mt Hutt College
Matt Butler Mountainview High School
Phillip Butler Waimate High School
Fagin Butters Mackenzie College
Penny Butters Mackenzie College
Matthew Byrnes Roncalli College