Aoraki Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2008 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Mathew Walker Mackenzie College
Tom Walsh Timaru Boys' High School
Hannah Walter Craighead Diocesen School
Hamish Ward - Smith Waitaki Boys' High School
Tom Wardell Geraldine High School
Chris Ware Waitaki Boys' High School
Ben Watkins Opihi College
Ben Watson Roncalli College
Emily Watson Craighead Diocesen School
Kaylee Watson Waitaki Girls' High School
Danielle Weeks Geraldine High School
sharon Welschinger Mackenzie College
Joshua Westland Timaru Boys' High School
Bailey Weston Mountainview High School
Jared Whitburn Waitaki Boys' High School
Chris White Ashburton College
Corey White Waimate High School
Maysie White Mackenzie College
Hayley Whiting Ashburton College
Jessica Wigley Craighead Diocesen School
Andrew Wilkes Roncalli College
Michelle Williams Waitaki Girls' High School
Ryan Williams Ashburton College
Adam Williamson Ashburton College
Goodwin Williamson Waitaki Boys' High School
Scott Willoughby Waimate High School
Courtney Wills Craighead Diocesen School
Andreas Wilson Mt Hutt College
Boby Wilson Mt Hutt College
Camille Wilson Ashburton College
Joseph Wilson Twizel Area School
Josh Wilson Waitaki Boys' High School
Loren Wilson Mountainview High School
Nathaniel Wilson Mountainview High School
Shannon Wilson Waitaki Girls' High School
Toni Wilson Mt Hutt College
Ethan Winn Mackenzie College
Tony Wood Waimate High School
Emma Woods Geraldine High School
Megan Woolley Ashburton College
Sean Worner Geraldine High School
Anna Worsfold Ashburton College
Jason Wright Waitaki Boys' High School
Will Wright Timaru Boys' High School