Aoraki Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2008 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Charlotte Samson Ashburton College
Lauren Sandri Waitaki Girls' High School
Ramon Santos Roncalli College
Emma Savage Waitaki Girls' High School
Ben Saywell Waitaki Boys' High School
Josh Schreiber Geraldine High School
Aidan Scott Geraldine High School
Amelia Scott Roncalli College
Bradley Scott Geraldine High School
Jo Scott Waitaki Girls' High School
Robert Scott Geraldine High School
Tim Scott Waitaki Boys' High School
Matthew Senior Roncalli College
Hayden Sewell Geraldine High School
Abigail Seyb Craighead Diocesen School
Lucinda Shaw Roncalli College
Kathy Shears Waitaki Girls' High School
Isaac Shields Waitaki Boys' High School
Lavinia Siale Waitaki Girls' High School
Ofa Siale Waitaki Girls' High School
Ricky Sime Waitaki Boys' High School
Ben Simpson Roncalli College
Bridget Simpson Craighead Diocesen School
Cory Sinclair Waitaki Boys' High School
Jordan Skinner Twizel Area School
David Small Timaru Boys' High School
Simon Small Timaru Boys' High School
Nick Smit Waimate High School
Donnie Smith Timaru Boys' High School
Kane-Paul Smith Timaru Boys' High School
Alice Sommerville Mt Hutt College
Annah Spurdle Timaru Girls' High School
Paul Squire Opihi College
Kate Stafford Mountainview High School
Danielle Stead Twizel Area School
Hannah Steans Craighead Diocesen School
Andrew Stevenson Timaru Boys' High School
Siobhan Stewart Mountainview High School
Jessica Stray Roncalli College
Blair Struthers Timaru Boys' High School
Hannah Struthers Timaru Girls' High School
James Struthers Roncalli College
Lisa Sturgess Waitaki Girls' High School
Joshua Summers Twizel Area School
Logan Surridge Timaru Boys' High School
Jai Sutcliffe Mackenzie College
Samantha Sykes Opihi College