Aoraki Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2008 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Cameron MacDonald Waitaki Boys' High School
Bryar Mackenzie Geraldine High School
Nicola Mackle Craighead Diocesen School
Shanan Mactier Ashburton College
Jamie Mananui Mountainview High School
Jaz Mananui Mountainview High School
Jarred Mannex Timaru Boys' High School
Tamara Mannex Timaru Girls' High School
TJ Mareko Ashburton College
Taylor Marett Mackenzie College
Jeremy Markham Mt Hutt College
Sean Marsh Waitaki Boys' High School
Cody Marshall Opihi College
Daniel Martyn Waitaki Boys' High School
Sarah Mathewson Roncalli College
Jared Matthews Waimate High School
Brendon Maurice Opihi College
Abigail Maynard Waitaki Girls' High School
Tim Mayo Mountainview High School
Francesca McAdam Ashburton College
Joseph McAdam Ashburton College
Nicole McCone Waitaki Girls' High School
Sarah McCone Waitaki Girls' High School
Tom McCone Mackenzie College
Jane McCulloch Waitaki Girls' High School
Tori McCulloch Waitaki Girls' High School
Gemma McDonald Waitaki Girls' High School
Jack McDonald Ashburton College
Karl McFadden Waitaki Boys' High School
Ross McFadden Waitaki Boys' High School
Emily McFarlane Craighead Diocesen School
Georgina McFarlane Craighead Diocesen School
James McFarlane Timaru Boys' High School
Kate McFarlane Craighead Diocesen School
Connor McFelin Geraldine High School
Ryan McGeown Waitaki Boys' High School
Lias McGirr Waimate High School
Stacey McIntosh Opihi College
Hannah McKay Ashburton College
Alex McKenzie Timaru Boys' High School
Brad McKenzie Waitaki Boys' High School
Jane McKenzie Craighead Diocesen School
Lee-Ann McKenzie Mountainview High School
Mark McKitterick Ashburton College
Sam McLauchlan Ashburton College
Regan McLay Waitaki Boys' High School
Sam McLay Ashburton College
Julia McLeod Mt Hutt College
Waipounamu McNab Opihi College
Tyla McNoe Opihi College
Laura McPhail Waitaki Girls' High School
Megan McPhail Waitaki Girls' High School
Jemma McWilliam Ashburton College
Emma Mears Ashburton College
Miles Medlicott Waitaki Boys' High School
Penny Mee Roncalli College
Charlotte Mensen Geraldine High School
Robert Mensen Geraldine High School
Vincent Meyer Ashburton College
Thomas Meyrick Ashburton College
Christina Miller Geraldine High School
Harry Miller Geraldine High School
Jess Mills Ashburton College
Matthew Milmine Waitaki Boys' High School
Arthur Milne Waitaki Boys' High School
Blair Mitchell Timaru Boys' High School
Cameron Mitchell Mountainview High School
James Mookaiah Opihi College
Matt Moore Ashburton College
Ben Morgan Timaru Boys' High School
Kate Morland Opihi College
Joshua Morris-Bamber Twizel Area School
Hayley Morrow Craighead Diocesen School
Hannah Mowat Ashburton College
Eilis Mowat-Gainsford Geraldine High School
Dana Mulcahy Craighead Diocesen School
Amber Mullhall-Larsen Roncalli College
Ashlea Mulligan Waitaki Girls' High School
Robert Mulvena Roncalli College
Alice Murphy Craighead Diocesen School