Aoraki Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2008 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Chelsea Cain Timaru Girls' High School
Felcity Caldwell Waitaki Girls' High School
Sarah Cameron Craighead Diocesen School
Zachery Cameron Mt Hutt College
Amy Campbell Geraldine High School
Julie Campbell Geraldine High School
Thornton Campbell Mountainview High School
Hayden Campfens Waitaki Boys' High School
Tui Candish-Taylor Geraldine High School
brooke Candy Mackenzie College
Mat Casey Timaru Boys' High School
Ysabelle Casey Roncalli College
Henry Chamberland Timaru Boys' High School
Adam Chapman Ashburton College
Caleb Charles Timaru Boys' High School
Ricky Chellew Waitaki Boys' High School
Sarah Ching Ashburton College
Sisley Choi Waitaki Girls' High School
Lindsay Christey Roncalli College
Mark Churchward Geraldine High School
Mark Clapham Roncalli College
Eilish Clark Timaru Girls' High School
Shaun Clark Ashburton College
George Clemens Mountainview High School
Sarah Clements Ashburton College
Brett Clifford Timaru Boys' High School
Kate Cockcroft Roncalli College
Harlem Cole Roncalli College
Tyler Collings Timaru Boys' High School
Sarah Collins Craighead Diocesen School
Ryan Cone Ashburton College
Andrew Coombes Geraldine High School
Ramon Corbett Geraldine High School
Sheree Corbett Geraldine High School
Melissa Cosgrove Roncalli College
Lance Cotter Ashburton College
Jordan Cox Timaru Boys' High School
Todd Coxshall Mountainview High School
Olivia Craig Geraldine High School
Jesse Crampton Mountainview High School
Heather Crawford Waitaki Girls' High School
Jake Crouchley Ashburton College
Jenny Cruden Opihi College
Joe Cruden Opihi College
Miki-Rae Cullen Timaru Boys' High School
Anna Cummings Waimate High School
James Curtain Waitaki Boys' High School
Jessica Cuthill Opihi College