Aoraki Secondary Schools' Track and Field 2007 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Robin Bade Mountainview High School
Marcus Balchin Waitaki Boys' High School
Kerrod Baldwin Waitaki Boys' High School
Crystal-Lee Banks Waitaki Girls' High School
Tiffany Banks Waitaki Girls' High School
Nicole Batchelor Waimate High School
Shannon Begg Geraldine High School
George Bell Waitaki Boys' High School
Nathan Bell Mackenzie College
Daniel Bennett Twizel Area School
David Bennett Timaru Boys' High School
Hayley Bennett Mountainview High School
Leanne Bennett Timaru Girls' High School
Sam Bennett Ashburton College
Mark Benny Mountainview High School
Tymon Bernard Mountainview High School
Sebastiaan Bierema Ashburton College
Jake Bindon Geraldine High School
Josh Bindon Geraldine High School
Adam Bishell Ashburton College
Brittany Black Mountainview High School
Lisa Blackie Roncalli College
Ashley Blackler Waitaki Boys' High School
James Blackler Roncalli College
Mitchell Blair Timaru Boys' High School
Michael Blakie Timaru Boys' High School
Eilidh Blanchard Waitaki Girls' High School
Elise Blundell Waimate High School
TJ Blundell Waimate High School
Gemma Boon Ashburton College
Nicole Booth Waitaki Girls' High School
Anna Boulton Ashburton College
Tavita Bower Timaru Boys' High School
Lucy Bowers Mt Hutt College
Tim Bowie Mountainview High School
Claire Brien Roncalli College
Michael Brien Roncalli College
Sam Briggs Ashburton College
Ryan Brosnahan Mackenzie College
Conor Broughton Roncalli College
Blair Brown Timaru Boys' High School
Elizabeth Brown Ashburton College
Fiona Brown Craighead Diocesen School
Gabrielle Brown Craighead Diocesen School
Sara Brown Geraldine High School
Sarah Bruce Roncalli College
Kyle Bryan Mountainview High School
Scott Buckingham Timaru Boys' High School
Ricky Buckrell Waitaki Boys' High School
Simon Bunckenburg Roncalli College
Christina Burke Craighead Diocesen School
Matt Burke Geraldine High School
Mel Burrowes Ashburton College
Marcus Burrows Geraldine High School
Stephen Burt Roncalli College
Tim Butler Mountainview High School