North Harbour Secondary Schools' Track and Field Zone Two 2008 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Ryan Waddington Rosmini College
billy walker Pinehurst School Inc.
Nick Walker Takapuna Grammar School
Ben Walton Takapuna Grammar School
Amber Warwick Birkenhead College
Chris Waters Kaipara College
Kimberley Waters Kaipara College
Cole Watson Northcote College
nick weatherburn Pinehurst School Inc.
James Webb Northcote College
Simon Webster Northcote College
Jack Whetton Rosmini College
Shante Whiu Birkenhead College
Harry Wick Rosmini College
Amy Wiles Rangitoto College
Hayley Williams Rangitoto College
Morgan Williams Rangitoto College
Tai Williams Birkenhead College
Cory Wilson Birkenhead College
Emma Wilson Carmel College
Harlem Wilson Northcote College
Sylvester Winter Birkenhead College
Megan Wood Rangitoto College
Rowan Wood Rangitoto College
Sophie Wotherspoon Northcote College
Hayden Wright Rosmini College
Hemi Wynyard Hato Petera College