North Harbour Secondary Schools' Track and Field Zone Two 2008 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Jorge Tagaloa Northcote College
Puturangi Tai-Rakena Hato Petera College
Cathleen Tanumihardja Northcote College
Laura Tattersal Birkenhead College
Josh Tattley Rangitoto College
Wairere Tauariki Hato Petera College
Tevita Taufa Birkenhead College
Tavoi Taufalele Northcote College
Meihana Taumauna Rangitoto College
Folau Tautalanoa Northcote College
Summer-Lee Tautari Hato Petera College
Jack Taylor Northcote College
James Taylor Rosmini College
Richard Te Heu Heu Hato Petera College
Rangi Te Ruruku Hato Petera College
Serai TeKani Takapuna Grammar School
Cedric Tevaga Rosmini College
Jesse Thomas Northcote College
Kate Thompson Takapuna Grammar School
Sam Thompson Takapuna Grammar School
Marion-Leander Thomson Hato Petera College
Junaya Tihi-Cooper Hato Petera College
Johan Timmer Rangitoto College
Ashley Timoko Kaipara College
Daniel Tinone Takapuna Grammar School
harriet todd Pinehurst School Inc.
Johnny Togiatomai Takapuna Grammar School
Georgia Tong Northcote College
Nikola Tordeich Carmel College
Sarah Tordeich Carmel College
Nikola Tordiech Carmel College
Tama Toto Hato Petera College
Jonathon Trumpleman Rosmini College
Yan Ho Tse Rosmini College
Bill Tuiloma Birkenhead College
Hamish Turley Takapuna Grammar School
Nick Turley Takapuna Grammar School
Katalina Tutaia Birkenhead College
Lane Twigden Rangitoto College