North Harbour Secondary Schools' Track and Field Zone Two 2008 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Joshua Sabin Rosmini College
Kelsey Sabine Rangitoto College
Noel Salmon Rosmini College
Wyatt Salmon Northcote College
Nathan Saluni Birkenhead College
Paul Samuels Birkenhead College
Matt Schmidt Takapuna Grammar School
Norman Scirkovich Rangitoto College
Luke Scmhutz Pinehurst School Inc.
Maxton Scott Northcote College
Alexandra Sergant Kaipara College
Jaime Shearer Takapuna Grammar School
Matthew Sheehan Northcote College
Alex Shegay Birkenhead College
Madeline Shelling Kaipara College
Alice Shirtcliffe Takapuna Grammar School
Viliami Siale Birkenhead College
Elias Sila Birkenhead College
David Silverstone Kaipara College
Donna Simpson Birkenhead College
Kieran Sinclair Rosmini College
Kathryn Skinner Northcote College
Alex Sloan Takapuna Grammar School
Nelson Smith Rangitoto College
Nicole Smith Carmel College
Chrystelle Sofai Birkenhead College
Nicholas Southgate Rosmini College
Lauren Spencer Carmel College
Bryce Steel Kaipara College
Zac Steele Birkenhead College
Briahn Stewart Carmel College
ella stuart Pinehurst School Inc.
Juliet Su Carmel College
Maselino Sului Birkenhead College
Clare Sykes Birkenhead College