North Harbour Secondary Schools' Track and Field Zone Two 2008 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Elaine Pahulu Birkenhead College
Tre Pakura Kaipara College
Bartek Pala Rangitoto College
Josephine Palmer Kaipara College
Sam Palmer Rangitoto College
Rhys Panui-Leith Kaipara College
Te reo Paraone Kaipara College
Danny Parke Northcote College
Peni Patelo Northcote College
Jade Payne Birkenhead College
Hannah Pelan Kaipara College
David Peng Pinehurst School Inc.
Stijn Peremans Kaipara College
Cyprian Pereria Rosmini College
Phillip Perez Takapuna Grammar School
Barnabas Petelo Birkenhead College
Teliasi Petelo Birkenhead College
Annika Pfitzinger Rangitoto College
Lenny Pickering Takapuna Grammar School
Ruth Pilkington Rangitoto College
Tom Pilkington Rangitoto College
Sam Poulter Rosmini College
Ciara Pratt Carmel College
Andrew Preistly Rosmini College
Jordan Punturiero Takapuna Grammar School
Karl Puru Northcote College
Nicola Pyper Northcote College