North Harbour Secondary Schools' Track and Field Zone Two 2008 (select another)

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Athlete Team
Damian Karipa Birkenhead College
Lena Kemp Rangitoto College
Chelsea Kershaw Rangitoto College
William Kikuchi Northcote College
Sam Kim Birkenhead College
Ash King Takapuna Grammar School
Ashleigh King Rangitoto College
Barnabus King Rosmini College
Nick King Rangitoto College
Salote King Kaipara College
Shaun Kingi Birkenhead College
Ben Kirkpatrick Rangitoto College
Elizabeth Knuth Hato Petera College
Vevisi Kolai Birkenhead College
Leidja Kopa Hato Petera College
Pauline Koraua Birkenhead College
Hermina Kuruc Northcote College
Sophie Kwan Neads Northcote College
Inigo Kwan-Parsons Northcote College
Portia Kwan-Parsons Northcote College